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Customer's Own Material (COM) Customer's Own Leather (COL)

The prices listed under COM/COL include the application of material or leather ordered and paid for by the buyer separately from the furniture order. A sample cutting of the actual material must be sent to Legacy for review and identification. If the material has a repeat pattern, or a nap, a sample large enough to show it must be sent. When submitting a material for review, the model number of the item it is to be used on must accompany the sample. Legacy reserves the right to reject any material that is submitted for review. Any COM or COL material should be shipped freight prepaid to:

Legacy Furniture
1610 Deborah Herman Rd.
Conover, NC 28613

No order with COM or COL will be entered for acknowledgement until the material arrives from the buyer. Manufacturing lead times in place of the time materials are received will be used to schedule the order for production.

COM and COL should be identified as follows to prevent errors and delays:

  • Name and address of buyer (must match your purchase order).
  • Our acknowledgement number.
  • Your purchase order number.
  • The model number of the item the material is for.
  • Fabric supplier's name and the pattern name/number/color of the fabric.

COL hides must be rolled in such a manner as to avoid creasing and roll marks. Any leather that arrives with creases will be rejected. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure that any COM or COL material arrives to Legacy in usable condition. Legacy cannot assume responsibility for any damaged, unusable , or unauthorized materials.

To determine the total square feet of leather for a particular item, multiply the number of yards (please look under the heading Yards in the pricing guide) by 17. Square footing is based on an average hide size of 45-50 square feet of usable leather. NOTE: Leather is a natural material and square footage requirements are only estimates. The condition of the COL may require more leather to be requested after the COL is received.

Yardage requirements are based on an average width of 54" plain material. If the design of the fabric includes a pattern or repeat, or the fabric is less than 54' wide, please refer to the chart below


For ease in breathability for these products, additional material is required. Please contact Customer Service for the additional amounts needed.


Fabric Width Repeat Add
54" Less than 2" 5%
2" - 10" 15%
11" - 19" 20%
20" - 25" 25%
26" - 30" 30%
Greater than 31" 35%

If the material has a similar appearance on both sides, the face side should be marked. While Legacy inspects all material, we cannot assume responsibility for defects, imprecise colors, or any other flaws. We encourage the buyer to thoroughly inspect all fabrics before shipping them to us for production.

All stripes will be applied vertically, unless the buyer indicates otherwise with special instructions for application.

Any fabric that requires latex backing, but arrives uncoated, will be returned to the buyer for backing. Any shipping costs for such a return will be applied to the final invoice.

For combinations or contrasting materials on a particular item, please contact our Customer Service Department for additional yardage requirements, and any upcharges.

It is the policy of Legacy to dispose of any material that is left in excess after production is complete. If the buyer wants any leftover material to be returned, it must be clearly indicated on the original purchase order.

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