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Fabric Policy

1. Arc | Com  7.  Knoll
2. Architex  8.  Maharam
3. Carnegie 9.   Mayer Fabrics
4. CF Stinson 10. Momentum Textiles
5. Design Tex 11. Paul Brayton
6. Douglass Fabrics    

To make ordering easier for our customers, Legacy has developed a graded-in fabric program. The program includes: Arc | Com, Architex, Carnegie, CF Stinson, DesignTex, Douglass Fabrics, Knoll, Maharam, Mayer Fabrics, Momentum Textiles and Paul Brayton. The graded-in fabric program will allow the buyer to issue only one purchase order for any Legacy product on which you choose to use these fabrics. All fabrics and patterns are subject to availability from the Graded-In Fabric Suppliers. Certain circumstances may affect stock on hand and delivery. The Graded-In Fabric Suppliers reserve the right to discontinue any pattern or color from their libraries. The given selection of the Graded-In Fabric Suppliers products only signifies that the materials are all pre-approved for use on any Legacy product. The pre-approval does not in any way indicate warranty, guarantee, availability, or responsibility of Legacy with regards to the appearance, behavior, durability, or quality of the fabric.

Availability, selection and grades are subject to change without notice, and are updated when received at Fabric information on our website supersedes all printed versions.

Legacy reserves the right to apply these materials at the discretion of the individual upholstery craftsman, unless specifically instructed, by the buyer, on the original purchase order.

If a textile from the Graded-In Fabric Program is desired, but the buyer wishes to order it directly, the COM policies found in this pricing guide shoud be followed. For any pattern not listed, please contact our Customer Service Department for pricing grade.

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